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For only $10 per year

Free Loan of iPhone

Never be without an iPhone. We will loan you an iPhone when yours is sent in at QCD for repairs.

* iPhone with 32GB capacity

Cafe Voucher / Massage Chair Usage

New members get a $10 cafe voucher for tea/coffee and cake set OR enjoy a complimentary massage on our massage chairs for 30-minutes!

Accessory Discounts

Discounts on regular-priced accessories at QCD.
* 10% discount on third-party accessories.
* One-time 20% discount on HOCO screen protectors.

Merchant Discounts

Enjoy discounts with QCD's preferred partner merchants like Joy Luck Teahouse.


Featured Merchants

$10 Voucher (Coffee/Tea & Cake Set)

Vibes Cafe was started by a chef whose passion for food was too great to keep for himself. It has grown to serve, and bring you back to your comfort zone. Enjoy a coffee or tea with cake set with this voucher while waiting for your repair.

5% Discount

Joy Luck Teahouse is a mini Hong Kong-styled Cafe that brings together the best iconic brands from Hong Kong's food culture, offering the three famous culinary treasures of Hong Kong — egg tarts, pineappe buns and milk tea.

* Discount applicable on regular-priced items only and is not valid in conjunction with any other promo.

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