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Free Loan of iPhone

Never be without an iPhone. We will loan you an iPhone when yours is sent in at QCD for repairs.

* iPhone with 32GB capacity

Cafe Voucher / Massage Chair Usage

New members get a $10 cafe voucher for tea/coffee and cake set OR enjoy a complimentary massage on our massage chairs for 30-minutes!

Accessory Discounts

Discounts on regular-priced accessories at QCD.
* 10% discount on third-party accessories.
* One-time 20% discount on HOCO screen protectors.

Merchant Discounts

Enjoy discounts with QCD's preferred partner merchants like Pistachio, Bee Cheng Hiang and Joy Luck Teahouse.


Featured Merchants

50% Discount (First 3 Months for New Signups)

OwlSmart is a self-directed revision system for all Primary 1 to Primary 6 core subjects to prepare your child for PSLE. With tiered achievements, rewards, automated marking and instant progress reports, both the children and parents are loving it! Visit to find out more.

* Personalised discount code will be available to QCD members on request via

5% Discount

Pistachio serves healthy versions of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. All the items on the menu are curated to bring you not just a plate full of nutrients, but a cultural experience. You will be served food to get you reminiscing, making connections, sharing experiences, and bringing back wonderful memories.

* Discount is valid only for dine-in with a minimum purchase of S$30 from Mon-Thu excluding eve of public holidays and public holidays. It may not be used on top of any discount or promotions.

$10 Voucher (Coffee/Tea & Cake Set)

Vibes Cafe was started by a chef whose passion for food was too great to keep for himself. It has grown to serve, and bring you back to your comfort zone. Enjoy a coffee or tea with cake set with this voucher while waiting for your repair.

5% Discount

Joy Luck Teahouse is a mini Hong Kong-styled Cafe that brings together the best iconic brands from Hong Kong's food culture, offering the three famous culinary treasures of Hong Kong — egg tarts, pineappe buns and milk tea.

* Discount applicable on regular-priced items only and is not valid in conjunction with any other promo.

Online Discount Codes (Seasonal)

Barbecued to perfection, Bee Cheng Hiang bakkwa is tantalizing, utterly appetizing, tasty and its irresistible aroma leaves you yearning for more of its wholesome and delicious taste.

* Seasonal discount codes will be emailed to QCD members whenever available.

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